xhibit [travel]: Salem

Location: Salem, MA

Length of trip: 34 hours (10 hours total of driving included)

Monuments & Locations Visited: The Witch Museum | The Salem Witch Trials Memorial | The Witch House | Salem Witch Village

Eats & Libations: Flatbread Company | Olde Main St Pub | Village Tavern | BitBar

Description: Halloween less than a couple weeks away so what better way to get into the spirit than a trip to Salem, MA. The Exhibit [b] team, as visitors with high expectations, was not disappointed in what Salem had to offer in terms of visuals, entertainment & food/drink. The drive from NYC was around 4-5 hours which wasn’t too bad thanks to the help of some music and podcasts. We got to Salem, parked downtown & immediately went downtown to the “Salem Witch Village’‘ which was everything it sounds like. All the local businesses seemed to have some kind of theme related to witchcraft & wizardry it felt like walking through “Diagaon Alley”. After walking around for a while we were starving so we stopped at the Olde Main St Pub for a nice pumpkin beer & then had a FIRE pizza at Flatbread Co. while we waited for our 8pm tour in the Witch Museum. We ended the visit by going to the Bit.Bar which was an awesome arcade bar.