[about]: Rommel Borras

Nationality: Venezuelan

Current Residence: New Jersey, USA

Age: 33

Summary: The passion that I’ve had for the creative is something that I’ve carried with me as long as I can remember. From early on I was lucky enough to have the skills to draw & sketch what I envisioned. As I grew up these artistic skills developed & when it was time to learn to transfer my skill onto a computer, I was exposed to whole new aspect of creative communication.

After years of learning & many hours of practice, I felt I was ready to enter the world of graphic design & digital media. From creating visual identities, to designing restaurant print material or even podcast recording, I have worked with many different people and in many different mediums of art. My goal is always to provide whoever I work with, the best creative service I can provide.

This website serves not only as a platform for me to showcase my work, but as a way for me to show you who I am. As of right now, the art found here is entirely created by me but in the future my goal is to bring along other artists like me.

CV available upon request.

Email: rommelborras@gmail.com