xhibit [travel]: Coney Island

Location: Brooklyn & NYC, New York

Length of trip: 10 hours

Monuments visited: Coney Island boardwalk & amusement park | Nathan’s Hot Dog original storefront | Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration | Statue of Liberty

Eats & Libations: Nathan’s Hot Dogs | Coney Island Brewery

Description: As crazy as this sounds, we woke up really wanting to go get a hot dog & as we like to do here at Exbihit [b] we decided to go somewhere special for one. Coney island in Brooklyn, New York is the original Nathan’s dating back to about 1916. If there was ever a spacial place to get a dog and see some sights, it would be there. The hot dog was great and Coney Island was dope but the trip didn’t end there. We decided to extend the day & go learn about the history of immigration into the NY- Tri-State area.