Creative Field: Graphic Design

Task: To create a simple shirt design for a friend who was hosting rock climbing competition.

Concept: The idea here was to create a wordmark design that incorporated the look and feel of bouldering/rock climbing. In this case, we went literal and made the letters feel heavy like boulders and then put people climbing throughout the name. We kept it to one color to keep screen printing costs down as well.

Creative Field: Graphic Design, Brand Identity

Task: For this project we were asked to come up with a logo and and updated apparel design so that this 35 year old electric contracting company could have a new updated visual identity and strengthen their brand. The old shirt as seen below with its mix of fonts and type was not necessarily something that was memorable from a prospective customer standpoint.

Creative Field: Graphic Design, Unsolicited Design

Task: Meridiano is one of the sports news companies in Venezuela. While doing some research on the Venezuelan national soccer team, we noticed the website and the newspaper publication looked a bit out of date. We decided to get our creative flow moving and start our own unsolicited redesign of their visual identity. The current logo is below:

Creative Field: Graphic Design, Fashion

Task: This project came about while we were deciding where to go for a buddy’s bachelor weekend. Once it was decided that Baltimore was the location of choice, we had to come up with a concept for a t-shirt that we would all wear. Seeing as how it was August and an Orioles game was on the agenda for the weekend, we decided this would be the direction to go.