xhibit [arts]: The Friends Experience

: New York City, New York

Monuments & Locations Visited: The Friends Experience | Manhattan, NYC

Description: We couldn’t think of a better time to post some Friends related content. We are currently watching “Friends: The Reunion” special on HBOMax and it reminded me that we recently went to the Friends Experience in NYC. To keep it brief, it was definitely worth the trip for anyone that was a big fan of the show. This visit of course would have been better had we not been in a pandemic but, nonetheless, they did a great job of organizing it to be social distance friendly.

As far as the actual exhibit goes, we started with some pictures on the famous orange couch from the intro of the show. We then made it through some really cool hallways with all sorts of props and memorabilia. The main showcases were the replica apartments, which were almost identical to the show, as well as a working ‘Central Perk’ replica. Overall a really cool experience, as not many people get to travel to Hollywood to see the real sets of some of their favorite shows. This one came to us.