xhibit [travel]: Stairway To Heaven Trail

Location: Vernon, New Jersey

Travel time: 2 hours round trip.

Monuments & Locations Visited: Pochuck Boardwalk Hike, Annie’s Bluff, Pinwheel’s Vista

Eats & Libations: N/A

Description: One of the final NJ hikes we complete this past fall was the Stairway to Heaven hike that ended with one of my favorite views so far in New Jersey. The hike was also one of the most fun in that it was basically 4 different terrains. The hike began near some farms and we walked through some woods, then another portion was entirely on long planks of wood. The makeshift boardwalk was great because it cut right through some farm so we got to walk past some cows relaxing in the sun. I would say this half of the hike was almost all flat and very easy.

At about the halfway point you hit the train tracks and then a road you need to cross, remember to look BOTH ways. It is at this point that the hike begins to start going dramatically higher and tougher. You go through another woodsy area until you reach an area entirely made of massive boulders and rocks. This is not a simple hike so go prepared with stable boots as its is almost entirely uneven terrain as you climb to the top. Once we got our bearings we pushed through all the people and made our way to the top. As tough as it was, it was incredible up there. The sun came out just as we reached the top which put a great exclamation point to a great day.

Enjoy some of the pics we took of the hike below: