xhibit [travel]: Watchung Reservation

Location: Berkeley Heights, Union County, NJ

Travel time: 1 hours round trip.

Monuments & Locations Visited: Watchung Reservation | Berkeley Heights, Union County, NJ

Eats & Libations: N/A

Description: I’m looking back at some more New Jersey hiking trails that we visited before it got too cold and I came across this set of pictures I took from the Watchung Reservation. This was a pretty easy hike, mostly flat, and about 3 miles total walking. We followed the white dot trail and it led us to a small little village of abandoned buildings that looked pretty creepy, in a Blair Witch type of way. The village is the ‘Deserted Village of Feltville’ and at one time was a small legitimate mill town with 175 people living there, around the year 1850. Many of the buildings are no longer standing and those that are, do not look good. To our surprise however, there are still 2-3 people that LIVE in this little area so we tried to not be too nosey.

We started the hike around 4 pm which was a terrible idea because in late October the sun goes down way too early. After walking and exploring the village, we had to walk back to our car in the pitch black through the woods! Luckily for us though, we could use our phone flashlights to locate the colored dots on the trees, so suffice to say it was a scary ending but a fun little quick trip overall.