[13] – Mix n Mac

During the weekend we took a trip to a drive in theater (full [travel] post here) in upstate NY, but before the movie began, we wanted to try out some local food. We looked up where to eat and came across a local place that had great reviews. The place was called Mix n Mac and it was exactly as it sounds. It’s basically a mac and cheese spot with seemingly unlimited options to mix into your mac and cheese, including even gluten free mac n cheese. The menu has things like lobster mac, sloppy joe mac, chicken parm mac, and much more. We went with the ‘Lobster’ mac and the ‘Pesto’ mac. They were both incredibly delicious and entirely worth a trip up just to catch a movie and eat here again.

Lobster Mac & Cheese – Mix n Mac
Pesto Mac & Cheese – Mix n Mac