xhibit [design]: Cecala Landscape & Masonry

Creative Field: Graphic Design, Visual Identity

Task: The task for this project was to create a branding concept for a new landscape and masonry company based out of Madison, NJ. The owner, Louie Cecala, was in search of a more unique look to his company, something that would make him stand-out amongst the competition.

Concept: Most landscape companies that were researched had a similar style and look to them. Many varying colors were found but, for the most part, they were all lead primarily by earth tones like Forest Green, Beige, etc. Logos varied among the competition as well but again, nothing truly stood out as definitively different from the rest within the area. The goal here was making this company stand out and show that working with them was synonymous with quality & luxury. The choice of black and gold was so that when we wrapped, the trucks would stand out especially with a beautiful large gold branding on the side. The ‘C’ lettermark within the overall ‘Cecala’ wordmark was created with the idea of a blueprint for a typical job that includes the masonry (stones) & the landscape (6 bushes) aspect of the company. The 6 specific bushes were a more personal addition as the owner was able to represent each of his immediate family members within the logo.

Final Design: