xhibit [travel]: Hamilton Park

Location: Weehawken, NJ

Length of trip: 20 minutes, all driving

Monuments & Locations Visited: Hamilton Park, Hamilton & Burr Dueling Ground

Eats & Libations: N/A

Description: Since Disney+ added the musical ‘Hamilton’ on its streaming service, we’ve probably seen it 3 times. You might be thinking that’s overkill at this point but trust us when we say its that good. Anyway, while watching we noticed that they mention Weehawken, NJ as the place Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr had their duel that resulted in the death of our Alexander. Seeing as how it wasn’t going to be a long trip, we decided to check it out and it was definitely worth it. The park, aptly named ‘Hamilton Park’, is beautifully set on a cliff overlooking the Hudson river and includes stunning view of New York City. The boulder where Alexander famously rested his head on while he died is also there with a small statue and plaque dedicated to that moment in history.