xhibit [design]: Leib Electric

Creative Field: Graphic Design, Brand Identity

Task: For this project we were asked to come up with a logo and and updated apparel design so that this 35 year old electric contracting company could have a new updated visual identity and strengthen their brand. The old shirt as seen below with its mix of fonts and type was not necessarily something that was memorable from a prospective customer standpoint.

Concept:  Our idea here was to come up with typography for the wordmark that felt sharp and quick (like electricity), we also originally did not want to include any symbols. As we continued working though, throughout many sketches the idea of a low-poly style bolt really stood out so we had to include it. One we cleaned it up and joined it with the wordmark for their name, we believe it came out a bit more effective for brand recognition.

Final Design:

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T-Shirt Mock, Front & Back