xhibit [design]: Meridiano

Creative Field: Graphic Design, Unsolicited Design

Task: Meridiano is one of the sports news companies in Venezuela. While doing some research on the Venezuelan national soccer team, we noticed the website and the newspaper publication looked a bit out of date. We decided to get our creative flow moving and start our own unsolicited redesign of their visual identity. The current logo is below:

Concept: The process here was to update the logo first to something a little cleaner and more minimal. The typography of the wordmark was updated and the ‘M’ that is in focus when you look at the original logo, has been updated to a more fluid shape to go with the rest of the name. The ‘M’ is supposed to coincide with the globe image they have in the original logo as well. The point being was to make the ‘M’ seem like it was taken out of a piece of the globe, even including its longitudinal lines.

The chosen color was a maroon that closely related to the maroon of the national athletic teams in many sports. The national soccer team, for example, call themselves ‘La Vinotinto’ which translates to ‘The Maroon’.

With the physical publication and the website, the concept was to clean up the the bright colors and organized the panels to be more legible.

Final Design:


Slide to see current physical newspaper publication (left) next to the new one (right).
Slide to see current website (left) next to the new one (right).