xhibit [arts]: Drunk Oriole

Creative Field: Graphic Design, Fashion

Task: This project came about while we were deciding where to go for a buddy’s bachelor weekend. Once it was decided that Baltimore was the location of choice, we had to come up with a concept for a t-shirt that we would all wear. Seeing as how it was August and an Orioles game was on the agenda for the weekend, we decided this would be the direction to go.

The concept was to change up the simple Orioles logo and customize it a little more for us. Ultimately, we went the direction of making the bird look like he’s had a rough night, much like the way we were going to look after the weekend. After a few sketches, the final concept included a 5 o’clock shadow, tongue sticking out, droopy eyes, and his hat backwards on the bird himself.

Final Design and Implementation: